Can You See Your Seams?

Alameda Pools Installs Megna Pool Liners.

High-Frequency Molecular Welding is STRONGER than invisible style seams!

Liner Seam

MEGNA POOLS uses reliable and durable high-frequency molecular welds in the fabrication of all our pool liners. This process has been used in the industry for over 50 years and has proven to be the best and longest lasting method of sealing swimming pool vinyl. A high frequency molecular weld produces a seal stronger than the material itself!

Pool liners are fabricated from roll material, seaming of the material is required to fit the custom shape of each swimming pool. Seams may be visible upon close inspection of finished pool liner, however from normal viewing distance under water, seams do not usually distract from the overall appearance of the swimming pool. In order to ensure proper and long lasting seams, a slight extrusion of material is normal, this indicates that both pieces of material have been completely fused together, forming a joint which is stronger than either piece of material alone.